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Why should mankind explore space? Why should money, time and effort be spent exploring and researching something with so few apparent benefits? Why should resources be spent on space rather than on conditions and people on Earth? These are questions that, understandably, are very often asked.

Perhaps the best answer lies in our gic makeup(基因构成) as human beings. What drove our ancestors to move from the trees into the plains, and on into all possible areas and environments? The wider the spread of a species, the better its chance of survival. Perhaps the best reason for exploring space is this gic tendency to expand wherever possible.

Nearly every successful civilization has explored, because by doing so, any dangers in surrounding areas can be identified and prepared for. Without knowledge, we may bepletely destroyed by the danger. With knowledge, we can lessen its effects.

Exploration also allows minerals and other potential(潜在的) resources to be found. Even if we have no immediate need of them, they will perhaps be useful later. Resources may be more than physical possessions. Knowledge or techniques have been acquired through exploration. The techniques may have medical applications which can improve the length or quality of our lives. We have already benefited from other spinoffs including improvements in earthquake prediction, in satellites for weather forecasting and inmunications systems. Even nonstick pans and mirrored sunglasses are byproducts(副产品) of technological developments in the space industry!

While many resources are spent on what seems a small return, the exploration of space allows creative, brave and intelligent members of our species to focus on what may serve to save us. While space may hold many wonders and explanations of how the universe was formed or how it works, it also holds dangers. The danger exists, but knowledge can help human beings to survive. Without the ability to reach out across space, the chance to save ourselves might not exist.

While Earth is the only pl known to support life, surely the adaptive ability of humans would allow us to live on other pls. It is true that the lifestyle would be different, but human life and cultures have adapted in the past and surely could in the future.


1.Why does the author mention the questions in Paragraph 1?

A.To express his doubts. B.Topare different ideas.

C.To introduce points for discussion.D.To describe the conditions on Earth.


.What is the reason for exploring space based on Paragraph 2?

A.Humans are natureborn to do so.

B.Humans have the tendency to fight.

C.Humans may find new sources of food.

D.Humans don't like to stay in the same place.


.The underlined word “spinoffs” in Paragraph 4 probably refers to ________.

A.survival chances B.potential resources

C.unexpected benefitsD.physical possessions

答案:C。词义猜测题。后面所说的“improvements in earthquake prediction,in satellites for weather forecasting and inmunications systems”可知此处的划线短语意为“益处,好处”。

.What makes it possible for humans to live on other pls?

A.Our gic makeup. B.Resources on the earth.

C.The adaptive ability of humans.D.Byproducts in space exploration.


.Which of the statements can best sum up the passage?

A.Space exploration has created many wonders.

B.Space exploration provides the best value for money.

C.Space exploration can benefit science and technology.

D.Space exploration may help us avoid potential problems on Earth.


Camilla Tadich (An Exhibition At Dianne Tanzer Gallery+Projects)

Sat,28 January,2014—Sat,3 March,201410:00 am—5:00 pm

Dianne Tanzer Gallery+Projects,108—110 Gertrude St Fitzroy,VIC

Camilla Tadich’s practice focuses on the night Australian landscape and explores spaces within darkness.Senses are enhanced as we traverse the darkened landscapes of these paintings.

FREE diaanzergallery.au

Healing the Bay

Tue,31 January,2014—Tue,27 March,201410:00 am—6:00 pm

Galleon Cafe,9 Carlisle Street,St Kilda

This exhibition brings artistic concern for the health of Port Phillip Bay and in particular the coastal stretch of the City of Port Phillip.The works in a number of media will bring public insight and inspiration to a range of issues that are putting pressure on our bay,including sea level rise,environmental concerns,coastal development and sustainability.

History And Heritage—Melton Photography Exhibition

Wed,15 February,2014—Sun,26 February,20149:00 am—5:00pm

323 High Street,Melton,VIC

The History and Heritage of Melton Photography Exhibition is amunity driven project that promotes the exchange of material,research and participation.This “grass roots” approach to the development of this exhibition ensures that there is a sustainable preservation of culture and active engagement with local history.The History and Heritage of Melton and District Newsletter evolved from this exhibition and this publication was a Sustainable Cities Awards Finalist in 2011.

Conservatory Of Singular Specimens—An Environmental Art Exhibition

Thu,16 February,2014—Sun,26 February,20149:00 am—5:00 pm

Bolin Bolin Gallery,6 Manningham Rd West,Bulleen

Sanctum Theatre’s Conservatory of Singular Specimens is an “ark upon which Sanctum artists attempt to rescue some of our most significant species”.Artworks will include sculptures,paintings,drawings,puppets and installations.This exhibition will be opened on Gaia night,23 Feb—see separate listing for details.This event will raise funds for Sustainable Gardening Australia.

1.We can infer that Camilla Tadich may be .

A.a historian B.a painter

C.a photographer D.an environmentalist

2.If you visit Gallen Cafe,you are interested in .

A.enjoying the night scenes

B.learning about the history

C.protecting the environment

D.saving the species of plants

3.According to the text,Melton Photography exhibition .

A.is promoted by active photographs

B.is a project to record local history

C.is to spread culture betweenmunities

D.is developed through the efforts of local people

4.To collect money for a project,you may choose .

A.Camilla Tadich B.History And Heritage

C.Healing The Bay D.Conservatory Of Singular Specimens

1.B[细节理解题。根据第一部分的“Camilla Tadich’s practice focuses on...the darkened landscapes of these paintings.”可知,这个展览主要是关于澳大利亚夜景的绘画,因此表明他是一个画家。]

2.C[细节理解题。根据第二部分“Galleon Cafe,9 Carlisle Street,St Kilda”和“environment concerns”可知,这个展览是关于保护环境的。]

3.D[细节理解题。结合第三部分的“This ‘grass roots’ approach to the development of this exhibition ensures that there is a sustainable preservation of culture and active engagement with local history.”可知,这个展览是社区的人们共同推动的。]

4.D[推理判断题。根据最后一部分的最后一句“This event will raise funds for Sustainable Gardening Australia.”可知这个展览会是为一个项目募捐的。]

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